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Katya Kashirskaya

Consultant Educational Neuropsychologist

What to do if your child is:

  • inattentive and has poor concentration;
  • slow or has difficulties to sustain attention;
  • easily distracted;
  • not successful enough in learning to read and write;
  • makes "silly" mistakes although you know that your child is smart;
  • often forgetful in daily activities;
  • hyperactive or impulsive;
  • not motivated to learn

Individual consultation will help you to find out why this happens

how special abilities and individual characteristics of your child's brain influence
the process of development and the success in learning

how to change the situation and

How to get in contact?

to ask your questions and make an appointment you can

e-mail me

phone on +7 095 798-54-07

You can find further information on this web-page.

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